GE UltraMax™ & NuVation™
       Electronic Low Frequency Ballast Series
See the light… UltraMax™ & NuVation™ Electronic Ballast, now with dimming-capabilities,
can increase savings and extend the life of your lighting system. UltraMax™ & NuVation™
energy saving performance features now includes continuous dimming functionality for
greater lighting control and design flexibility.
Dimming capabilities provide the opportunity to take advantage of daylight harvesting, light
 level reduction during times of non-occupancy and optimization of energy consumption to
light level requirements.
Come see the light…
  • Operates Both Pulse Start and Ceramic Metal Halide lamps
  • High efficiency electronic ballast
  • Provides 48% less ballast losses Vs electromagnetic CWA ballasts
  • Improves lumen maintenance by 10 points on pulse start lamps.
  • Multi-Voltage Technology 208 to 277V
  • Multi-Wattage operates 250W, 300W, 320W, 350W and 400W.
  • Superior low frequency square wave frequency design maximizes
    performance and life of ceramic metal halide lamps
  • 0-10V Dimming Control - 100%~50% Variable*
               *(NuVation GE-MH-250-400M-V50)

Lower Operating Costs*
• 13% improvement in lamp lumen maintenance vs. magnetic HID with pulse-start,
allowing for fewer fixtures required in new installations, or retrofit existing locations
 with lower wattage lamps and achieve same light output
• UltraMax™ & NuVation™  high-efficiency electronic ballast has 50%+
fewer ballast losses than typical CWA magnetic HID ballasts

Application Versatility
• Versatile optical mountings allow UltraMax™ & NuVation™  to be used with Lighting
Systems’ "Sliding Disconnect" and "Surface-Mounted" optical series, providing
 15 different combinations of high bay, low bay, open or enclosed, prismatic glass,
acrylic and high-efficiency aluminum reflector variations
• Multi-wattage capability — one ballast runs 250-, 320-, 350- or 400-watt Pulse Metal Halide
or Ceramic Metal Halide lamps • Voltage-sensing ballast runs on 208–277 line voltage
• Automatic 250-watt emergency-switched quartz circuit available

Improving Quality of Light

• Virtually eliminates lamp color shift in typical HID lamps
• Virtually eliminates lamp flicker (acoustic resonance)
• Warranted with GE’s ConstantColor® CMH® lamps:
• High Color Rendering Index (92 CRI)
• Consistent color over the lamp life (for lamps operating at full wattage)
• Tighter wattage regulation of +/- 2% change for +/- 10% change in line voltage provides
 for more uniform light output and color consistency

Take a look at bringing your lighting requirements into a whole new light. GE Lighting
 Systems UltraMax™ & NuVation™  electronic ballast technology will provide you with
excellent quality of light combined with cost-saving performance and energy efficiency.
The UltraMax™ & NuVation™ electronic ballast, when used with a PulseArc® High-Output
Metal Halide lamp, is 70% more energy-efficient than the typical standard HID electromagnetic
ballast with standard probe-start metal halide lamp.
The UltraMax™ & NuVation™ electronic ballast system features GE Lighting Systems’
premium optical technology, coupled with superior lumen maintenance and low ballast
losses as compared to magnetic HID ballasts. This translates to significant reductions
 in energy consumption and lower maintenance requirements. These benefits are achieved
 through-fewer fixtures required in new installations or lower wattage lamps used in retrofit
applications in existing locations.
In addition, the UltraMax™ & NuVation™ low-frequency electronic ballast best matches the
 manufacturer’s operating requirements of pulse-start metal halide and has been optimized for
approved operation of GE’s ConstantColor® CMH® lamps. These advantages combined
make the GE Lighting Systems UltraMax™ & NuVation™ ballast system a clear winner when
compared to either alternative HID systems or the latest in T5 or T8 fluorescent lighting.

The NuVation™ meets the lamp manufacturers requirements of starting/operating the lamp
 at high wattage for at least 15 minutes before any dimming control can happen.
For continuous operation (24 hr/day) the Nuvation will automatically go into a
full power mode once a day for at least 15 minutes as required by lamp specifications.
Dimming control is accomplished by connection to the VIOLET + AND GRAY –Wires in the wiring box.
See Diagram A for wiring schematic.
Shorting (example with a switch) the violet and gray wires will cause the Nuvation to operate at
low wattage, removing the short will cause the lamp to operate at full wattage.
External control systems can be used to operate the bi-level function.
A zero (0) to ten (10) volt DC controller can activate the bi-level operation.
This can be either to continuously adjustment lamp wattage 50% to 100%, or one step 50% to 100%.


Electronic Ballasts
Electronic Ballasts use solid-state electronic components to start and operate the ballasts.
Electronic ballasts often use IC chips and feedback to implement better controls, and safety
features into ballasts. Electronic ballasts typically operate much more efficiently than similar
Electromagnetic Ballasts. A few other benefits are small size, lightweight, improved lumen maintenance, fault mode protection and better power regulation, which results in better color consistency.

Low Frequency Lamp Operation
GE analysis of internal and competitive HID lamps suggests that the most compatible driving
waveform for an electronic ballast is a Low Frequency Square Wave (L.F.S.W.) with low higher
order harmonic content. L.F.S.W. has been long established as a dependable method of ballasting low Wattage HID lamps with significant industry standards support. Analysis of lamp data has shown that there are limited operating bands between 1 kHz to 200 kHz in which an electronic ballast could operate a lamp wattage family without causing unacceptable arc instability due to Acoustic Resonance. Trend analysis of the A.R. maps show that this range extends well beyond 200 kHz. When the A.R. structure maps are overlaid there is no consistent frequency band, which can be identified as a stable location for ballast operation. There are large variations in the A.R. structure maps between multiple lamp vendors and from lamp type to lamp type or burn position. A.R. may cause visual annoyance, lamp cycling, shorten lamp life, and in extreme cases result in arc tube rupture. Specific matched lamp – ballast high frequency systems can be stable, however they limit the extent that the individual members can be modified for future improvements. Additionally, there is no data on the long-term stability of the A.R. maps due to aging of the lamp. Future re-lamping may also create an unstable system due to changes in lamp arc tube geometry or manufacture.

Lamp performance points to be considered:

Data on Electronic ballast technology has shown that it can greatly improve the lumen maintenance of HID lamps over traditional EM reactor or CWA ballast systems. However, no data are available to support improved lamp performance on High Frequency vs. Low Frequency Square Wave driving waveforms


GE recommends operation of its high wattage CMH® and PulseArc® QMH HID lamps on electronic ballasts that use a Low Frequency Square Wave output such as the UltraMax® HID ballast, GE-MH-250-400-MAX-208-207 or similar for optimal lamp performance.

High Frequency

GE does not make high frequency HID ballasts due to reasons described in the Low Frequency Lamp Operation section above. However, high frequency operation is applicable for matched lamp ballast systems. Caution must be taken when designing these systems for an application to make sure that the ballast and lamp are compatible to avoid premature lamp failure and safe operation.




























GE UltraMax eHID Non Dimming Ballast
29377 ~ GE-MH-250-400-MA
  GE NuVation  eHID Dimming Ballast
89646 ~ GEMH250-400M-V50
Application 1- 250 ~ 400w  208-277 50-60Hz Application 1- 250 ~ 400w  208-277 50-60Hz
Category High Intensity Discharge Category High Intensity Discharge
Ballast Type Electronic - Low Frequency Ballast Type Electronic - Low Frequency
Line Voltage Regulation (+/-) 10 % Line Voltage Regulation (+/-) 10 %
Ambient Temperature (MAX) 130 °F (54 °C) Ambient Temperature (MAX) 130 °F (54 °C)
Ballast Factor Normal Ballast Factor Normal
Power Factor Correction Active Power Factor Correction Active
Circuit Type Electronic Circuit Type Electronic
Sound Rating D (37-42 decibels) Sound Rating D (37-42 decibels)
Enclosure Type Metal Enclosure Type Metal
Additional Info Thermally protected Additional Info Thermally protected
Lamp Operating Frequency 75 Hz Lamp Operating Frequency 75 Hz
Supply Current Frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz Supply Current Frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz
Product Code 29377 Product Code 89646
Description GE-MH-250-400-MA Description GEMH250-400M-V50
Standard Package Case Standard Package Case
Standard Package GTIN 10043168293775 Standard Package GTIN 10043168896464
Standard Package Quantity 1 Standard Package Quantity 1
Sales Unit Standard Pack Sales Unit Standard Pack
No Of Items Per Sales Unit 1 No Of Items Per Sales Unit 1
No Of Items Per Standard Package 1 No Of Items Per Standard Package 1
UPC 043168293778 UPC 043168896467

WIre Exit & Color Code Description
Case dimensions Top Of Ballast IE Mains, Dimming Control 
Length (L) 14.9 in (378.66 mm) Black ~Mains 208-277 VAC
Width (W) 14.9 in (378.66 mm) White ~Mains 208-277 VAC
Height (H) 9.4 in (237.79 mm) Green ~ Ground
Mounting dimensions Bottom of Ballast IE Lamp  Outputs
Bracket Length (BL) 6.5 in (165.10 mm) Violet ~ Diming  1-10+VDC  (Positive Polarity) *Only GEMH250-400M-V50
Weight 10.20 lbs Grey ~ Diming  1-10+VDC (Positive Polarity) *Only GEMH250-400M-V50
Bottom of Ballast Lamp Outputs
Red ~ HID Lamp Output Center Contact IE Black
Brown ~ HID Lamp Output Outer Contact IE White
Yellow ~ Auxiliary120VAC 100-250 Watt Quartz Halogen Lamp Output.
Operates Both GE and Philips Branded CMH Lamps,
Including Phlips MasterColor Ceramic Metal Halide HPS-Retro White

Photos of the GE UltraMax & NuVation eHid Low Frequency Ballasts.
Scroll down to see
the Guts of the Unit & Quality
learn where the Fuse's are for replacement should you ever have to.
See how easy it is to mount and hang even with a Batwing Style Reflector.


GE UltraMax eHID Non Dimming Ballast 29377 ~ GE-MH-250-400-MA ~ Photo of Label on Ballast itself.


GE NuVation  eHID Dimming Ballast 89646 ~ GEMH250-400M-V50 ~ Photo of Label on Ballast itself.



It is very easy to mount the GE eHID Ballasts to Batwings
(uses standard Mounting holes that your current Lamp holder utilizes)

Side By side of
GE eHID Electronic Low Frequency Ballasts
Left                Right
Ultramax            NuVation
Non-Dimmable          Dimmable









Comparison GE eHID vs Magnetic Core 400 Watt HPS Ballast KIt




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